What the heck is a UX designer?

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Whitelaw Mitchell Staff By Lucinda McMeekan
UX Designer

Why not? Because they usually don’t get it. “What the is a UX designer?” they’ll say and I’ll end up telling them that I make websites look good. Which is a major cop out.

So, this blog post is for all the people out there who I have lied to about what I do. And for all the people yet to ask me – I will make sure to share this link with them. 

So what does a UX designer do? 

We design better online experiences for people. We design websites and products that are intuitive to use. That cater to YOU, the human being. It’s not all about making things look pretty!

UX designers create systems to make complex actions online more simple for everyday people.

Our goal is to come up with solutions to make peoples lives easier and to make them feel good.

You know when you’re browsing a website and you hit a road block? You’re stuck. You don’t know how to proceed. You’re confused. You’re lost…. “How do I book this thing? Where’s the price? HOW DO I EXIT!!!!??!! THIS WEBSITE SUUUUCKS!!!!!” What you’re experiencing is unfortunately very common, it’s called bad UX

A website/product with good UX will make you feel the opposite to the above. You’ll feel calm, in control, satisfied. You’ll know exactly where to go and what steps you need to take to achieve your end goal. Whether that’s booking a flight, buying that amazing bottle of gin or even posting way too many stories to your Instagram when you’re drunk. (You know the UX is a little too good if you can achieve your goal whilst inebriated)

So essentially, a UX designers job is to enhance the overall experience for people by designing products they will want to use over and over again.

So now you know what I do, do you need me?

Not sure why I even needed to ask that. Yes, of course you need me! If you don’t want your website to piss people off then you definitely need me! I care about your customers. Maybe even more than you do.


Whitelaw Mitchell staff By Lucinda McMeekan
UX Designer


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