Navigating the ad-blocker era: the urgency of brand positioning

The mass advertising and information we’re forced to absorb every day has created an active culture of avoidance, ad-blockers and evasion. Now more than ever, we have more things to do and much less time to do them. Enter: brand positioning.

Beyond the crowd: targeting your true audience

Stop speaking to the masses, most of them don’t care about you. But there are a small handful of people who really care and are listening intently. Those are the people that will share the good word about your brand – that’s your niche and we’re going to find them through strategic brand positioning.

The courage in strategic choices: mastering brand positioning

Brand positioning is not easy; we know from experience. It requires tough and sometimes scary decisions. But the art in marketing strategy is about targeting the smallest viable audience and structuring your message to speak directly to them.

From generalist to specialist: the visibility shift

To be invisible is to be a generalist.

Great branding and marketing that creates real change comes at a price, the price of standing for something.

Crafting a brand worth talking about

Make something worth talking about and a story worth telling. Design it and build it in a way that only a few people in particular will be inspired by and care about. That’s what strong brand positioning is all about.

The ripple effect of strong brand positioning

And then watch the good word spread. As your brand resonates with its core audience, the impact of your positioning will extend far beyond your initial target, creating a network of advocates and a strong, recognizable presence in the market.

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by Maranda Mitchell
Brand Director