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Hallmark Homes

Where every home is a showhome.

Hallmark Homes, a premium residential builder nestled in Christchurch, distinguishes itself through its personal approach to homebuilding.

As a family-owned business, they have a unique mission—to create not just houses but homes, affordably and with a focus on promoting Healthy Homes initiatives. In this case study, we delve into Hallmark Homes’s journey of brand development and digital transformation.

Hallmark Homes had successfully captured a significant market share in affordable housing, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, but they came to us because their aspiration was to elevate the visibility of their high-end range. This led to the birth of ‘Hallmark Homes Prestige,’ where every plan is meticulously crafted by their in-house award-winning architect to capture the premium market.

Hallmark Homes approached us with a unique challenge. They had recently redesigned their logo, but they recognised that their brand identity required more than just a fresh icon.

They sought us to develop their visual identity, create brand messaging that mirrored their ethos and values, and build an efficient website to boost lead generation and sales.

Whilst they were committed to the new logo design, it lacked flexibility for various sizes and applications. We embarked on a minor brand refresh, tweaking the typeface to ensure legibility at small sizes and making the logo icon more contemporary and digital-friendly.

With the brand refresh complete, we extended the brand into various facets of Hallmark Homes’s business, from print materials to advertisements, signage to stationery, and showhome brochures. We wanted to illustrate how the brand could come to life in the market, setting them apart from competitors.

The cornerstone of our engagement was a comprehensive website overhaul. Informed by strategy meetings that focused on the needs of website users, both emotional and tangible, we aimed to enhance the user experience and facilitate the sales process online.

Given Hallmark Homes’s emphasis on virtual walk-throughs and their in-house award-winning architect’s role in every project, we had to highlight these unique selling points.

What began as a website redesign evolved into a comprehensive brand refresh, creative messaging development, and the creation of print materials, digital brochures, site signage, staff resources, and more. Hallmark Homes underwent a remarkable transformation, shifting from a niche in the affordable homes market to a prominent player in the premium, prestige segment. Their journey showcases their unwavering commitment to high standards, personal delivery, and the creation of healthy homes that resonate with every client who walks through their doors.

Their is a testament to the power of a well-executed brand transformation. By refining their visual identity, expanding their brand universe, and amplifying their online presence, they have transitioned from a family-owned business with a personal touch to a premium residential builder that resonates with a diverse audience. Their story stands as an inspiring example of commitment, growth, and dedication to creating homes that are more than just structures—they are places where dreams come to life.