Brand / Strategy / Web

Iron + Ivy Studio

The power of juxtaposition.

Rooted in the belief that hairdressing is an art form that thrives on creativity, Iron & Ivy Hair doesn’t follow trends, they create them.

We named “Iron & Ivy” because it was born from the concept of juxtaposition, blending the strength of iron with the natural beauty of ivy to create a balanced and harmonious space.

In the hairdressing industry, the bond between a client and their stylist is exceptionally loyal. To entice Iron & Ivy’s target audience to break free from their current stylists and embrace something new, a well-thought-out strategy was needed. During our Seed™ session, we delved deep into client personas, moving beyond demographics to understand pain points, desires, and habits. It became evident that Iron & Ivy clients sought excellence, and they were eager for a change that no one was addressing. Our strategy focused on inspiring these potential clients to make a transformative choice.

Our launch campaign, “Re-invent your look,” was designed to make a bold statement and ignite curiosity.

The campaign tapped into the idea of making a physical change in one’s hair or the choice of a hairdresser. This campaign served as the primary driver of brand awareness and was deployed across various online and print platforms, including digital marketing, social media, and an immersive, tailor-made website.

We played a significant role in shaping the brand’s image, handling all aspects of photography, including campaign editorials. “Reinvent your look” featured the same model with three distinct looks, emphasising the concept of transformation. The photography we produced was integral in maintaining the brand’s consistent vision and premium aesthetic.

Collaborating closely with the founders, we assisted in the integration of the brand into a newly constructed salon space that perfectly mirrored their identity as a modern, luxury salon.

The team at Whitelaw Mitchell created a beautiful brand which looked amazing and we felt like that they really understood how to achieve our goal of bringing excellence out of the studio and online to our clients and website users. We’re thrilled with the final result and highly recommend Whitelaw Mitchell.

Stevee Devonda, Director

Iron & Ivy website experienced a surge in bookings leading up to and following the studios opening in May 2019. Within just six months of opening, the salon welcomed 417 new clients, boasting an impressive retention rate of 69% and a rebooking rate of 62%.

These accomplishments were not unnoticed, as the salon was nominated for two industry awards: Best in Marketing and Best in Salon Design, ultimately clinching the top prize in the latter category. Iron & Ivy continues to flourish, investing in marketing strategies, creative solutions, and design support to further solidify its position as a top choice in Queenstown’s hairdressing landscape.

The message of “excellence” remains at the core of Iron & Ivy’s brand, making it a true leader in its industry and a destination for those who value both creative and stylistic innovation.