Creative Consulting

If you already have an in-house design or external agency and are looking for more over-arching creative guidance, that’s where our brand consulting service can play a huge part in the growth of your business. In these engagements, we help clients make strategic decisions regarding their brand, such as market entry strategies, target audience expansion, and adapting to evolving market trends.


Conducting market research and competitor analysis is the first step to understanding the industry landscape, identifying opportunities and challenges within your business. This data informs the brand’s positioning and messaging guidance we provide.

Brand strategy development

We collaborate with clients to define or refine their brand strategy. This includes identifying core values, mission, vision, and target audience through our Seed Discovery Workshop. We help clients understand their unique selling propositions (positioning) and how they can differentiate themselves in the market.

Brand identity and messaging strategy

We can also assist in guiding your journey in creating your brand’s visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging strategy. This involves determining the brand’s personality, the emotions it aims to evoke, and the overall impression it wants to leave with its audience.

Brand guidelines

Is your brand collateral all over the place? Is it inconsistent and does it lack cohesivity across platforms? Style guides and brand books are a powerful tools to outline how the brand should be represented across different mediums and platforms. We create these guidelines serve as a reference for maintaining a consistent brand image for every person that touches your brand. Read the Roost case study and The Tooth Company case study for detail examples of how we achieved this.

Creative direction

We often provide art direction for in-house design and marketing teams, ensuring that all brand-related materials adhere to the established guidelines and messaging strategy. In cases where a brand has just been refreshed or rebranded, we can assist the process of reintroducing it to the market.

In summary, creative consulting primarily focuses on developing the strategic framework for your brand’s identity, messaging, marketing and growth. Our role is to guide your business in creating a solid foundation, ensuring that it is achieving results and is well-positioned within the market. The implementation of the strategies can be carried out by us, your internal team or external agencies.

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