Packaging Design

Packaging design is an integral part of our branding offerings, and while not every brand may require it, it's an aspect of our work that we're particularly passionate about. Complex, dynamic, and inherently creative, packaging design provides a remarkable opportunity to connect with an audience on a visceral level.

Our approach to packaging design

The packaging design process mirrors our overall creative philosophy. We begin by engaging with our clients to understand the unique needs and objectives of the project. Whether the requirement is for POS displays, custom-moulded containers, material selection, or product labels, we leverage our extensive experience to craft solutions that really stand out.

Our expertise in packaging

We take pride in our extensive network of collaborations with packaging producers across the globe. From China to America and New Zealand, our reach enables us to tap into diverse production capabilities. Whether it’s creating 3-D renderings to visualise the final product or developing physical mock-ups for a tangible feel, we embrace cutting-edge technology and materials to bring designs to life. We also work closely with factories and printers to craft precise die-lines, an area where our expertise shines through.

A glimpse into our packaging design

Two illuminating case studies, Lucyking and Cutthroat, provide tangible examples of our proficiency in packaging design. These real-world projects showcase our ability to translate brands’ values and messages into captivating, memorable packaging. Delve into these case studies, and can gain deeper insights into our approach and the impact our packaging designs have made.

From conceptualisation to the shelves

For businesses in the retail or product sector, our packaging design services offer end-to-end support. We walk alongside our clients from the initial conceptualisation of packaging ideas to the moment when their products grace the retail shelves.

Packaging is more than just a vessel; it’s a vital touchpoint through which brands connect with their customers. The design, material, and functionality of the packaging can evoke emotions, set expectations, and enhance the overall brand experience. It’s a silent ambassador that communicates brand values and quality, often becoming a defining factor in purchase decisions.

Embracing creativity and innovation

Complex and creative, packaging design offers ample room for creativity. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and unique solutions, tailoring designs to the distinct needs of each brand. Whether it’s incorporating interactive elements, eco-conscious materials, or clever space-saving designs, we’re always ready to push the boundaries of packaging.­

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