Typography & Colour

Two integral elements in the art of crafting an entire visual identity are typography and colour. As a couple of type nerds ourselves, we’ll explain why these elements are the vibrant palette of branding brilliance.

The language of your brand

Typography is more than just a font; it’s a tone of your brand. The right typeface can speak volumes about your business, from its personality to its values. Just as people have unique personalities, fonts do too. Is your brand modern and clean, with a sans-serif font? Or perhaps it’s elegant and classic, requiring a serif font? The typography we choose for your brand mirrors the essence of your business.

Typography impacts how your audience perceives your brand. Clean, legible fonts convey professionalism, while more artistic fonts can signal creativity. We consider the perfect balance to ensure your message is not just seen but absorbed. Just as with logo design, maintaining consistency in typography is vital for brand recognition. Using a set of fonts consistently across all your brand materials, from your website to printed materials, creates a cohesive and memorable brand image.

The vibrant palette of emotion

Colour is a silent communicator, evoking emotions and memories. It’s a powerful tool for forging a connection with your audience. Different colours trigger different emotions. Red may evoke passion and excitement, while blue exudes trust and reliability. As your branding partner, we delve into the psychology of colour to choose a palette that aligns with your brand’s strategy. The right colour scheme can make your brand materials sing. It can guide your audience’s attention and emphasise key messages. We use colour strategically to ensure your brand’s visual impact is truly unforgettable.

Just like typography, a consistent colour palette across all your branding materials fosters recognition and trust. We work to create a set of colours that seamlessly unites your brand’s elements, making your brand not just recognisable but unforgettable.

Creating harmony

At Whitelaw Mitchell, we know that the art of branding lies in the harmonious interplay of many different moving parts of a brand. By understanding the nuances of typography and colour psychology, we ensure your brand isn’t just seen; it’s felt, speaking to your audience in a language that’s uniquely yours. It’s not just about design; it’s about creating an emotional connection, forging trust, and ensuring your brand that stands the test of time.

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